Thank you for inquiring about an account with Thermal Supply Inc. Thermal Supply Inc. only sells to qualified account that have certified technician that can install and service the products we represent. Please see our terms of sale. If you are unsure if you meet these requirements please call any branch and inquire with this branch manager.
In order to expedite the account approval and set up process, we have included the forms that we require to be completely filled out in PDF format below. Once completed please fax the forms to the nearest regional branch Seattle, Portland, or Spokane. Please be sure to completely fill out and sign all of the documents. Once completed and faxed these are legal documents.
Seattle Fax # (206) 625-9370 – Spokane Fax # (509) 534-3333 – Portland Fax # (503) 238-5507.

pdf-fileApplication for Cash or Credit

Company history, references, statistics and ownership

pdf-filePersonal Guarantee – Needed if Applying for Credit

The promise of payment for goods received

pdf-fileTechnician Certificate Needed If Buying Refrigerant and Other Components

EPA refrigerant certificate for the purchase of class I, class II & other refrigerants

pdf-fileReference Authorization Letter Needed if Applying for Credit

Permission to obtain personal credit report